Understanding Governance

Governance sets out how people choose to organise, how they share power, how they set their own priorities, how they get things done and how those decisions are held accountable.…

Common Roots, Common Futures: Indigenous Pathways to Self-Determination

Common Roots, Common Futures (CRCF) is an international Indigenous governance network with…

Nation Building and Development

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leader put it, “Australian governments may not see us as a nation, but we are going to act like a nation, in every way we can.” – Narrendjeri Elder…
Nation Building Project

Indigenous Nation Building: Theory; Practice and its emergence in Australia’s public policy discourse

The Indigenous Nation Building Project is conducted by the Melbourne School of Government, UoM. Running …

Indigenous Data Sovereignty Communique

On the 20th of June, 2018, Indigenous peoples from public and private sectors came together to discuss the importance of Indigenous data sovereignty and Indigenous Data Governance.…