Indigenous person with laptop and coffee

Webinar: Australian Youth in Indigenous Governance


AIGI presents a conversation with Indigenous Australian youth, and their perspectives on Indigenous Governance.

Key Themes:

  • Indigenous Youth need to be provided a space for their voice in the Governance and decision-making spaces as their lives today depend on it more than anyone else’s.
  • Our Indigenous Youth need to step up, be present to be heard and ready to take on responsibilities. We are the path to our future.
  • Indigenous Youth need to make their mark in spaces and find their niche to support those that have come before us; to provide a fresh perspective, motivation and drive.
  • Ease of access of information through technology and social media presents challenges and opportunities. Young people’s ability to organise and coordinate themselves across our country – due to geographic dispersion – is a challenge, however emerging technologies are one way of bridging the gap.

You can view the Webinar here 

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