Nation Building Projects

Nation Building Project

Indigenous Community Governance Project

The Indigenous Community Governance Project (ICG) was conducted through a partnership between the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU, and Reconciliation Australia.
Nation Building Project

Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority

The Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority (NRA) represents communities and organisations that currently make up the Ngarrindjeri Nation and the current individual Native Title claimants of the Ngarrindjeri and Others Native Title Claim.

Nation Building and Development

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leader put it, “Australian governments may not see us as a nation, but we are going to act like a nation, in every way we can.” – Tom Day, CEO Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
Nation Building Project

Indigenous Nation Building: Theory; Practice and its emergence in Australia’s public policy discourse

The Indigenous Nation Building Project is conducted by the Melbourne School of Government, UoM. Running