We’re Recruiting – Project Officer (Training and Development)

Tue 15 Dec 2020

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) is an Indigenous-led national center specialising in governance knowledge and excellence. AIGI support the economic, social and cultural aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by connecting them with world-class governance practice, research, thought leadership and educational resources.

The role of Project Officer (Training and Development)
The Project Officer (Training and Development) is primarily responsible for the development, design and implementation of AIGI’s training programs, conferences, workshop and supporting curriculum.

The Project Officer (Training and Development) will report to the Executive Manager (Research and Advocacy) and to other members of the Executive team, depending on project allocations.

The Project Officer (Training and Development) will have demonstrated experience in coordinating and managing the development and delivery of training programs and workshops. The successful candidate should be detail-oriented, great at multitasking, and committed to meeting deadlines. Preference will be given to those with training and assessment qualifications. Experience in facilitation of training and workshops is also highly desirable.

Key Responsibilities include:

The Project Officer (Training and Development) will have the following core responsibilities:

  1. Oversee AIGI’s training and development program including responding to training and consultancy requests, and development and management of an annual training and development schedule / calendar;
  2. Design and expand AIGI’s training and development programs based on the needs of the organisation, including AIGI’s Indigenous Governance Toolkit and governance workshops;
  3. Developing customised training material based on consultancy requests;
  4. Coordinate training and development workshops, including resources, logistical planning and all training support requirements and general administrative tasks;
  5. Design and implement evaluation processes for all training and development programs and workshops;
  6. Facilitating training programs as required, and/or engage appropriate and experienced consultants to facilitate AIGI’s training and development program (including development of an effective Train the Trainer program and pool of Facilitators);
  7. Project management, budget and grant development: ensuring that projects run on budget and to schedule;
  8. Keep up to date with developments in learning content, and learning platforms, such as e-learning and new methodologies;
  9. Occasional administrative functions primarily connected with current AIGI projects;
  10. Other duties as allocated by the supervisor consistent with the classification of the position

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