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AIGI Website and Toolkit to be revamped

Wed 10 Feb 2021

A new year, and a new look – AIGI will flaunt a digital makeover in 2021, with the team taking up the challenge to overhaul the website and online governance toolkit.

The AIGI online facelift will be performed by the digital doctors at Overdose, a globally recognised and award-winning specialist in all things online.

AIGI Chief Operations Officer, Ivan Ingram, welcomed the new partnership and the chance for AIGI to sculpt a new era of digital training delivery.

“AIGI is really excited to work alongside Overdose. We believe their expertise will be essential in crafting a high performing, intuitive and informative new site,” he said.

Mr Ingram also opened the floor to past and present AIGI website users, saying it was important for their feedback to be included in the redevelopment planning stages.

“We’d love to hear from our AIGI extended family – especially those who have used our existing Indigenous governance toolkit,” he said.

“We want to know what currently works, what doesn’t; your suggestions and ideas – perhaps you think there are additional topics we need to include, or more information on a current topic? Let us know.”

The discovery phase of the website redevelopment will also include input from a Stakeholder group nominated from various industries.

The AIGI governance toolkit is one of the most extensive and well-established online governance resources available in Australia, and reaches target First Nations audiences throughout the country and internationally.

Overdose Brisbane Managing Director, Elliot Schoemaker, said the AIGI project would be a fresh undertaking for his team.

“Overdose delivers a lot of digital commerce solutions, so the AIGI project is something a little different which we are really excited to work on,” he said.

“We’re keen to help AIGI explore the different ways in which the toolkit component of the site can be reconfigured to deliver a robust digital learning resource which will suit their audience and their needs.”

Anyone wishing to provide feedback on the current site and governance toolkit are encouraged to get in touch through the AIGI Contact page.

“We always enjoy the chance to interact with our community, and this is a great time to have your say on how we can really improve the AIGI learning resources,” Mr Ingram said.